2018-19 Central Coast Investment Prospectus 2018-19
Gosford aerial showing revitalisation and development of the Central Coast hub

About The Central Coast

The Central Coast is an hour north of Sydney CBD and is part of the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area although it is still considered a region in its own right. It is located halfway between Sydney and Newcastle (the largest regional city in NSW) putting it at the centre of a population of around six million people.

The Central Coast encompasses a total area of 1,680 square kilometres including more than 80 kilometres of coastline. Around 70% of this area comprises national parks, state forest, bushland, agricultural land and waterways.

The region is governed by the Central Coast Council which was established in 2016 following the amalgamation of Gosford and Wyong Councils. Representation on Council is through 15 elected councillors representing five Wards.

Gosford City is the capital of the region and is seeing unprecedented growth and investment from government and the private sector.

The population of the region in 2016 was 327,736 of which 21% are over the age of 65. About 30% of the working population commute to work in Sydney. Of those who live and work within the region the largest employing sector is Health Care and Assistance followed by Education and Training, Retail, Construction and Manufacturing.

In 2016/17 the region generated Output of $23.47 billion resulting in Gross Regional Product of $13.7 billion which represented 2.5% of New South Wales. There were 22,480 registered local businesses.

In 2016 the NSW Government introduced the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 that will see the population grow by 75,500 more people in 20 years, create 24,674 jobs and see 41,500 more dwellings.

The Central Coast is undergoing a resurgence of investment as property developers and businesses take advantage of the opportunities led by strong government infrastructure development.

Map - Central Coast

Map - Central Coast