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Gosford aerial showing revitalisation and development of the Central Coast hub

Central Coast Regional Plan 2036

The Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 was launched in October 2016 by the NSW Minister for Planning.

The Regional Plan is a whole-of-Government 20-year blueprint to deliver environmentally sustainable prosperity, jobs, housing, infrastructure, connected communities and to realise the full potential of urban centres on the Central Coast.

The Regional Plan’s aims are:

The Regional Plan has identified Gosford City on Brisbane Water as a Regional City and is focused on its revitalisation (see Page 17).

The NSW Government is committed to driving the continued implementation of the Regional Plan to realise and harness the region’s enormous potential.

Its efforts are spearheaded by the Coordinator General for the Central Coast, a senior Minister-appointed strategic role that is unique for a NSW region. The Coordinator General holds authority for all statutory planning matters on the Central Coast which affords the region a planning autonomy unrivalled by any in the State.

Central Coast Regional Plan showing north and south growth corridors

Central Coast Regional Plan showing north and south growth corridors

The Regional Plan is being implemented via two-year Implementation Plans that set out tasks, governance, responsibilities and timing for delivery. Implementation Plan 2018-2020 is the second instalment and sets out 110 Regional Plan actions grouped into the following 7 focus areas:

  1. Promote economic growth, jobs and development in key centres.
  2. Land Use Needs West of the M1 Pacific Motorway
  3. Housing and Employment Land Supply
  4. Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council Lands and Delivery Framework
  5. Revitalising Gosford City Centre
  6. Support Central Coast Council to deliver the Regional Plan priorities.
  7. Strategic Environmental Program.
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Lee Shearer, Coordinator General for the Central Coast

“The time for Gosford to shine is finally here. I and my Central Coast-based team at the Department of Planning and Environment, are leading the coordination to ensure Gosford becomes the vibrant, thriving capital this region deserves and needs. We are working in close collaboration with Michael Cassel and his team at the Hunter Central Coast Development Corporation, Central Coast Council, other Government agencies, stakeholders and the community to implement a program of design-led delivery to revitalise Gosford City Centre. It’s a bold vision but we are leaving no stone unturned bringing it to realisation to ensure Gosford finally fulfils its destiny as a regional capital and a great place to live, work, visit and do business for generations to come.”

Lee Shearer, Coordinator General for the Central Coast