2018-19 Central Coast Investment Prospectus 2018-19
Gosford aerial showing revitalisation and development of the Central Coast hub

Gosford City Centre Revitalisation

The revitalisation of Gosford City Centre as the vibrant, liveable capital of a healthy, prosperous and connected Central Coast, is a key Ministerial priority of the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036.

The city is experiencing a boom in commercial, residential and services development, with no less than 15 cranes dominating the skyline at the time of publication.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment is coordinating delivery of Gosford City’s revitalisation under the leadership of Coordinator General for the Central Coast Lee Shearer.

In August 2017 the Department commissioned the NSW Government Architect to develop a design-led Urban Design Implementation Framework (UDIF) to revitalise Gosford City Centre.

Following a comprehensive consultation and a series of workshops with stakeholders, the Government Architect articulated the revitalisation vision via three ‘place-based’ reports that each focus on one of three linked areas of the city centre:

Following a public consultation process the Government Architect has taken the public comments and submissions into consideration in the development of a finalised UDIF that was released in September 2018.

New statutory planning controls

In mid-2018 the NSW Government released a suite of proposed new statutory planning controls to enable streamlined, flexible and efficient development.

The controls give effect to the Government Architect’s recommendations that are framed to achieve design excellence.

The new controls for Gosford City Centre comprise:

The SIC will enable the Department of Planning and Environment to collect contributions for revitalisation of infrastructure that supports growth as the revitalisation program continues to roll out.

Following public exhibition and consultation, the new planning framework was enacted in October 2018.

Earlier, In late May 2018, NSW Minister for Planning Anthony Roberts announced an investment of $52m in funding for infrastructure and public space in Gosford City Centre.

The funding will see well overdue work being done to upgrade water and sewer infrastructure, public domain and public amenity, which will facilitate and attract development, improve business opportunities and attract residents.

It includes the creation of a significant regional playground as part of a major renewal of the parklands and streetscapes near the Gosford waterfront, aligned with the Government Architect recommendations to make the parklands a destination for visitors and the community.

City of Gosford Design Advisory Panel

Also unveiled in 2018 is the City of Gosford Design Advisory Panel, a body that brings together high calibre planning and design minds to assess, advise and ensure design excellence of proposed developments in Gosford City Centre.

The Panel comprises NSW Government Architect Peter Poulet, Coordinator General for the Central Coast Lee Shearer, NSW Chief Planner Gary White and two additional panel members that will be drawn from an established group of expert practitioners.

With the influx of more businesses, workers and residents into Gosford City Centre, the provision of adequate carparking is becoming a key issue.

City of Gosford Design Advisory Panel

Overall, the big focus and continuing investment in Gosford City Centre is opening up a raft of business opportunities in the region’s hub to provide local jobs.

Gosford City Centre SEPP Boundary

Gosford City Centre SEPP Boundary