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Gosford aerial showing revitalisation and development of the Central Coast hub


The Central Coast has a population of approximately 337,765 people with a range of qualifications, skills and experience covering a wide spectrum.

Surveys of employers reveal that employee turnover rates on the Central Coast are well below the average for Sydney and other areas.

The general state of industrial relations on the Central Coast is excellent with most employers and employees taking a mature attitude to employment.

Central Coast employees normally provide their own transport, a fact that is known to contribute towards improved productivity. This mobility and more available free time beyond working hours are critical factors in reducing absenteeism.

Approximately 92% of the Central Coast population speaks English and is, therefore, entirely familiar with the language and customs.

According to Labour Force Survey data the number of Central Coast residents in work at 30 June 2016 was 139,597 while the Unemployment Rate was 6.7% (source: .id the population experts).

The number of residents who live and work on the Central Coast at 30 June 2016 was 95,389 or 68.4%.

The Central Coast had a commuting population of 35,287 in 2016 - 25.3% - most of whom would prefer to work locally given the opportunity.

Central Coast employment pie chart

Key Statistics - Local Workers

Key Statistics of workers - Central Coast
Paul Claassens, Senior Manager Contact Centres ING Direct

Paul Claassens
Senior Manager Contact Centres ING Direct

Paul Claassens, Head of Contact Centres for ING Direct says, “The ING Direct Contact Centre in Tuggerah Business Park opened in 2002. Having a Call Centre on the Central Coast provides us with a number of advantages and one of the most important is the calibre of staff we attract.

Whenever we advertise for staff we have always been able to recruit high quality and experienced people. We can choose the best, those who easily fit into our culture and are ready to represent our brand and provide service excellence to our customers.

Central Coast employment opportunities provide our staff with a great work/life balance but the business is also rewarded with lower levels of attrition and higher average staff tenure.”